The Children's Challenge™ Mission

The Children's Challenge™ has been set up to organise testing but extremely rewarding events for children. These currently take the form of either long distance treks for parents and their children to undertake together or cross-country events for children and their friends to complete as a team.

The purpose is to design events that are challenging enough to warrant sponsorship. These events are not to be undertaken lightly but the sense of satisfaction is commensurate with the effort required. 

A challenge shared is a challenge halved...

The Practice

Witnessing the stamina-inducing effect of children walking with their friends never ceases to amaze. Eight hour walks in the Brecon Beacons, Black Mountains or Scottish Highlands would normally be a tough assignment for any parent and child. Hunger, tiredness, coldness and "are we nearly there yet" would typically be encountered thirty minutes in! The funny thing is, this just isn't experienced when they are running up the hills (yep!) laughing and joking with their friends.

These walks are physically demanding for both parents and children with heavy packs and little legs respectively. However, when chatting away to your peers, they are immensely enjoyable. Irrespective of the hills and the mud and the wind and the rain, these trips are to be embraced and cherished. You certainly get out what you put in.

The cross-country events are designed to be exciting for teams of children and foster a sense of competition and camaraderie that you just don't get when running on your own.  Even though parents don't physically participate, they'll be cheering the team on every step of the way.


The overriding aim of The Children's Challenge™ is to maximise sponsorship. Raising sponsorship for charity is a prerequisite of participation. The recommended minimum level of sponsorship varies according to the event.

For all events a dedicated team "Just Giving" web page will be created. This joins individual fundraising pages together, giving teams the opportunity to raise money for their own chosen charity whilst working towards a common fundraising target.,