The purpose of The Children's Challenge™ is to raise money for charity. The aspiration for this event is to raise sponsorship of at least £12,500.

In order to keep track of the total raised, families should create their own fundraising page on the "Just Giving" website. In following the link below, your fundraising page will be automatically linked to the Exmoor event.

Create a Fundraising Page

Once you have set up your fundraising page and selected a charity of your choice you will need to link it to the team "Just Giving" page. Simply go to the team page and click 'join the team' next to "Team members".

Link to Team Page

Please note, without wishing to be overly prescriptive, raising money for standard primary and secondary schools, although a good cause, is not the motivation of this organisation. Helping disadvantaged individuals is.

For the Exmoor Expedition, The Children's Challenge is being supported by the Chiltern Centre that offers respite care in Oxfordshire to disabled children aged 6 to 25 years. For those participants struggling to decide upon a charity and wanting to select something local to the community, the Chiltern Centre is a very worthy cause.  

The team work starts here.