recommended team Equipment

To be carried within each team

  • Whistle & Compass

  • Map

  • First aid equipment

  • Survival bag (not a sheet)

  • Lunch and emergency rations

  • Water carrying capability

  • Mobile phone

  • Head torch

required Clothing

To be worn/carried

  • Waterproof jacket with hood

  • Walking trousers

  • Wicking base layer (supplied)

  • Warm mid-layer (not cotton - once wet never dries!)

  • Footwear designed for hill walking

Required Campsite equipment

  • Tent with minimal footprint for the number of participants as the campsite is space constrained

  • Sleeping bags

  • Roll mats

  • Spare clothing

Note: The requirement for team members to be within communication of each other is essential. Do not push on if one team member is suffering from exhaustion or the first signs of exposure. Regroup and seek help from the nearest Marshall, event HQ or another participant, informing them that you require assistance.  Do not go for too long without eating, particularly as you begin to tire. Always wear sufficient clothing and waterproofs to keep warm and dry.  

If in any doubt of your ability to reach camp before the designated time limit, you should seek help from the nearest Marshall, event HQ or another participant.

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