Henley-on-thames - July 7, 2018

Culden-Faw Estate, Henley-on-Thames

Cross-Country Relay

The Results: 

This was a brilliant morning. The children had a great time and completed distances that many parents had no idea they were capable of. In total 133 children took part and raised in excess of £15,000 for charity. The grit, determination, humour  and enjoyment on display, coupled with the sponsorship raised, epitomises everything that The Children's Challenge seeks to promote. The Culden Faw Estate has already been booked for July 13th 2019. Congratulations to all who took part and got our Cross-Country Relay events off to the best possible start.

The Rationale: 

Our cross-country events are familiar but different. Obstacle courses for children have become common place, but for us they often miss one vital ingredient - team work. This team work manifests itself in cheering on your friends as they use their last drops of energy to complete yet another lap. Of then being cheered on yourself as the baton is handed over and you set off, once again, working hard towards the teams distance target.

These events teach children the power of encouragement and motivation. They foster a sense of satisfaction and camaraderie that you just don't get when running on your own. 

The Format: 

Teams were formed of between 2 to 4 participating members between 4-14 years of age. Each lap was 1km and teams selected distances of either 8km, 12km or 20km. There was total flexibility on the day. The minimum sponsorship amount was £25 per person and the event was free for all participants and spectators.