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The Cross-Country events are designed for teams of between 2 to 6 participants. For parents with children in multiple teams please register them separately.

Each participant must raise at least £25 for a charity of their choice. When running on behalf of a school, participants are encouraged to split the fundraising between their school (up to 30%) and a charity of their choice. There is no cost for participating in the event.

When running on behalf of a club, given they are invariably not charitable entities, the clubs collect an entry fee direct from the runners post registration. Runners are still required to raise at least £25 for a charity of their choice. The Event is free for spectators.

After registering, please click on the sponsorship link below and follow the instructions. 


Terms & Conditions

Parents/Guardians are responsible for ensuring the organisation of the relay team on the day of the event.
This is purely in case of emergency contact being required on the day of the event.
Runners are able to give up to 30% of their donations to the school or club that has helped to promote the event. Schools invariably have a charitable arm but sports clubs are often not charities. In this case a ticket fee is paid to the club instead and runners just raise money for one charity of their choice. Please state n/a if neither of the above is applicable.
This is particularly relevant if runners are raising money for a charity on a team basis, as opposed to an individual basis. This ensures all members of the team are eligible to run. The minimum team sponsorship should equal the number of runners in the team multiplied by £25.
This can be flexed on the day of the event to ensure each team member undertakes the same distance challenge. The Culden Faw estate is available all day if some teams want to push themselves beyond 20km!
To be subsequently registered by a parent/guardian
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Under new privacy laws, the rules that allow us to notify participants of future events are changing. Please confirm whether you will allow The Children's Challenge to be in contact concerning future Expeditions and Cross-Country Events.