Henley-on-thames - July 13, 2019

Culden-Faw Estate, Henley-on-Thames

MArathon Team Challenge

On July 13th 2019 just over 150 children gathered at the Culden Faw Estate to run either a half marathon or a marathon in laps of 1km or 2km in a relay format. The average distance ran by each individual was approximately 13km which means that in total the children ran a collective 2,000km. Some of the larger teams smashed through the marathon distance, running collectively over 100km. 

The amazing feats of endurance and the sheer joy of being free to run with their friends around a beautiful estate in a non competitive format, was a pleasure to behold. No parent that attended could fail to be blown away by what the children achieved and the manner in which it was accomplished. All children received a Children’s Challenge T-shirt which should be worn with pride. The collective distance that 150 predominantly primary school age children ran in just a few hours must surely be unsurpassed. What they achieved was phenomenal. 

In total the event raised approximately £9,000 for charity. In addition, £10 of the £15 entry fee went to a local school or club of the runners choice. This was to encourage maximum local participation. The amounts distributed were as follows: Shiplake Primary School £970; Trinity Primary School £210; Wargrave Wolves Football Club £140; Henley Hawks £100; and Kidmore End Primary School £60.

The event is unique. Not only does it encourage team work and tenacity but introduces many children to the sheer joy of running with their friends.